E-Sports are growing at an exponentially alarming rate. How can we get away from the negative connotation associated with "gamer" and help grow the industry with new fans?

What are we trying to accomplish?

Bring more awareness to the exponential rise of E-sports. Big names across the world such as Mark Cuban, Paris St. Germain and Alex Rodriguez have already bought and invested in teams.

Who are we talking to?

Anyone that knows E-sports exists. Despite a lack of knowledge and understanding, they can be transformed into a passionate fan with a little help. 

We’re also talking to an audience that has been a passionate fan for years, and has been heavily involved in online competition. 

The majority of players are ages 16 - 26 (split between Gen Z and Millennials). This is the largest segment of the population.

Video games aren’t new, but E-sports are. Since this sport is new and undefined, it can be molded into anything.

As competition becomes increasingly international, investment of time and money into E-sports becomes much more prominent. People love cheering on their country no matter what competition is represented.

What is the strategy?

League of Legends is the most player focused game in the world. The game is constantly being updated and adhered to the players' feedback. Player-focused gaming is the reason Riot was founded and why it continues to thrive. 

What insight this strategy is based on?

Riot constantly takes feedback from the fans through the open Beta platform where volunteers get access to the game in its developing stages.

Riot instills a gaming culture into its workplace. Everyone is expected to play--to speak the same language as colleagues and consumers. They listen to consumers because they are consumers. Riot understand their passion and enthusiasm for the game because they feel the same way. 

How are we going to execute?

VR is on the rise right now. Being able to sit in your house and experience games and events has drawn attention to a lot of people.

We want to take this concept one step further and allow for people to watch E-sports events from a first person view all while maintaining the comfort of their living room.

Because E-sport events are typically around the world, many fans can’t make the trip out to the live events. A 360 camera could solve this problem, allowing E-sports to make money by selling virtual tickets to fans around the world who would be "put into" the LoL arena all while never leaving their home.

Where should our work live?

Riot interacts with their players on the regular through social media, blogs and forums. Because many millennials work for Riot, they are a part of the millennial community that is partaking in the discussion and avidly adhering to their audience. 

YouTube ads that play before video game related videos would be a good place to reach Riot's audience. Anyone that is choosing to view video game related material would be someone that might consider playing League of Legends.


The team

Brandon Montes-Nguyen - Strategy

Hailey Pratt - Strategy

Hayden Schuster - Strategy