Pearl Tavern Campaign Book

Challenge: Establish an identity for the Pearl Tavern, a new dining establishment in the heart of downtown Portland.

Approach: Make the Pearl Tavern known as the only place to go for white table cloth quality with a Portland twist.

Idea: Portland on a Platter. Portland is at the heart of the Pearl Tavern. By incorporating the arts, sports, and culture, Portland on a Platter serves the Portlander with top-notch food along with everything else that Portland offers.

As the account manager for Crescendo, I oversaw a team of 5  other individuals to create a creative and strategic campaign for The Pearl Tavern restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Responsible for communicating with the client, working with both strategy and creative teams, maintaining deadlines, and presenting the proposed campaign to the three owners of the restaurant.


The team

Ava Crum - Strategy

Miranda Jacoby - Production

Esther Knox - Creative

Brandon Montes-Nguyen - Strategy

Andrew Stewart - Production