Challenge: Respond to a period of elevated hatred on the University of Oregon campus.

Approach: The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. A rule we are taught at a young age yet somehow we forget as we get older.

Idea: Every person has the ability and the responsibility to make the world better.

This campaign made the 2018 Young Ones Finalist List for Design for Good.

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In just one week, our Facebook page alone reached 150,000 people, our videos earned over 67,000 views and we got both local and national news coverage.


This was made possible by a group of outstanding like-minded people and our fearless leader, Tom McDonnell. I am so fortunate to have been able to work with them.

Agency: Allen Hall Advertising

Stefan Boehmer

Tylynn Burns

Chandler Carroll

Aven-itza De Primavera

Ricardo Gomez

Stephanie Hastings

Amelia Inouye

Cameron Kokes

Spencer Kupish

Hannah Lewman

Turner Maxwell

Brandon Montes-Nguyen

Will Nielsen

Raquel Ortega

Femke Paanakker

Tyler Robinson

Pauline Rode

Sonali Sampat

Sarah Vella-Labrador

Thuc Vinh